About Hotel Suprabha

Suprabha Hotel was born when a bold new idea emerged of bringing together elements of contemporary style and world class service. The Hotel started in 2006 and since maintained as a luxury boutique hotel fondly appreciated by many as " a home away from home ".

Our Front Office

Our committed service and courteous staff make us different from others. We promise pleasant moments of truth always….

Our Facilities

Suprabha Hotel is recognized as a unique flavour of hospitality that offers world-class refinement while remaining deeply rooted in its local heritage.


This allows participating restaurants to showcase their food by selecting dishes representative of their philosophy and diners get to experience restaurants.


The region achieved statehood after a prolonged struggle and is known for its unique culture, dialect, cuisines and other aspects.

Around the world
We are available

With over 10 years' history in Amsterdam, Opened in 2006, this Crusie coffeeshop got its name as the owners were then the youngest in the coffeeshop trade. They had a different approach to coffeeshop culture and you can see this in the relaxed, non-touristy feel of the place.

Snow Ball
Multi Cuisine Restaurant

The restaurant features a selection of themed tasting experiences, all served with optional wine pairing. The perfect choice to conclude a dinner or to celebrate a special occasion, each tasting experience includes a range of savoury bites

Banquet Hall

Suprabha Hotel have state of the art banquet halls which combine elegance and technology. Luxurious, stylish and multifunctional contemporary spaces which can host up to 500 people make them ideal for any event from large scale corporate conferences, product launches, fashion events to more intimate cockail dinners or boardroom discussions.

Our Awards

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